One in three women in Australia will have an abortion. Deciding to end a pregnancy may be a difficult choice. Our sensitive and knowledgeable doctors can guide you through the process. Extensive non-directive counselling is provided with qualified doctors.

To end a pregnancy, women have two choices – a medical termination of pregnancy (MTOP) or a surgical termination (STOP).

Medication termination of pregnancy (MTOP) services are available at Derwent Valley Medical Centre. This method has been available in Australia for over a decade and is widely used throughout the world.

In Australia it is available to most women up to 63 days’ gestation (9 weeks). It is a low risk, non-surgical procedure with a high success rate. They are administered as a set of two medications that can be taken home.

If you are more than 9 weeks pregnant, we can help with arranging a surgical termination for you.

For more information about the medication please see Sexual Health Victoria’s video here:

You will typically need 2-3 visits (2 visits if your GP has referred you to us with blood tests and an ultrasound). Please disclose when booking your appointment that you require a “pregnancy counselling” appointment. You do not need to be a regular patient of our clinic to see our doctors to discuss and organise this.

Once you have contacted our clinic, we will organise one of our highly trained nurses to contact you back to organise a time to be seen by our doctors. Depending on the situation, we can organise blood tests and an ultrasound at our clinic or have one of our doctors organise this for you.

Costs are available on our Fees and Costs page.